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a life story

A city built on the skirts of the Erciyes Mountain, was sleeping soundly covered with the thick blanket of the silent gloom and carbon monoxide smoke which arose from the cole fire stoves in the customary cold winter night.  It was the eighteenth day in February, 1976, when the clocks showed 02:00 am that a new baby boy was born, with a slap to his bottom a scream was heard. This scream travelled through the corridors of the hospital towards the desk of a grumpy faced nurse who was reading a love story with great fascination, a hint of a smile appeared on her face.

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a few poems

Give me a patch of grass to sit on
A tree to lean on
A paper and a pencil
If I could see the sea from a distance
With the sun and a clear blue sky above me
I would move the earth for you

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a few quotes

A person that reads one book believes that he knows everything. When he reads a second book he doubts himself. When he reads a third book he understands that he knows nothing.

current work

Author has completed his first novel ‘Fact 1.0 – Back to the Past’ and it has been published in Turkish. This  novel is the first part of a trilogy based around sci-fi & alternative history. The novel will be available in English towards the end of 2018. It is hoped that this work  will interest intellectual people and history lovers. More information regarding the novel will be available once published.